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Bar Soap!

Do you have a favorite #soap you like to use and you will #never try anything else? That was #me! I was a #dove girl., only bought the dove soap because it was a gentle soap. Then I tried the #spa #doterra #barsoap.

I. won’t. go. back. to. dove.

I have really #loved using this soap. It smells good and helps keep my skin smoothe!

Look for yourself what essential oils are in it.

  • Bergamot essential oil purifies and soothes skin and provides an uplifting, yet grounding aroma
  • Grapefruit is cleansing to the #skin and has an energizing scent that uplifts mood
  • Jojoba seed oil is highly regarded in the cosmetic industry and known for its quick absorption and ability to deeply moisturize
  • Vegetable-derived glycerin hydrates skin and helps retain moisture while providing a smooth application of gentle suds
  • Aloe leaf juice is #purifying, #moisturizing, #soothing, and #softening to the skin

The doTERRA #SPA #Moisturizing #Bath #Bar is a one-of-a-kind bar that provides a unique feel, #lather, #aroma, and #cleansing experience. Unlike regular soaps with harsh surfactants, this natural bath bar leaves skin feeling clean, smooth, and soft. From the first use, you’ll notice this bar is distinctly different from any bar or soap you’ve used before. It has a gentle foaming action that glides across the #skin with ease, thoroughly cleansing while moisturizing with jojoba seed oil, vegetable-derived glycerin, and aloe vera juice. The invigorating scent of #CPTG® #Bergamot and #Grapefruit essential oils is experienced continuously upon first opening the package and with each use. Enjoy a rich, cleansing, aromatic spa experience with doTERRA’s natural, truly original bath bar.

If you #doubt me…try it for yourself!

You won’t go back to your old bar soap.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 12.10.55 PM.png

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