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Jasmine Touch

Have you ever heard of #Jasmine? Let’s go over some of the main benefits of Jasmine Touch.

  • Reduces the appearance of #skin #imperfections
  • Uplifts #mood
  • Promotes a healthy-looking, glowing #complexion

Who wouldn’t want this right??

Now like any essential oil, you just want to use it in moderation. not too much.

  • Apply to bottoms of feet and pulse points in the morning to uplift mood
  • Can be used as a personal fragrance
  • Apply to skin imperfections twice daily

This is a Topical Use Essential Oil.

Topical use:ย Apply one to two drops to desired area. See additional #precautions below.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of #children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctorโ€™s care, consult your physician. #Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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