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Are you looking for anything to help relieve the croup in your little ones? I have a recipe that I’ve recieved from a good friend that has worked for her kids! I know winter time stinks with sick kids, flu, colds, coughs….you name it, they seem to get it! So do you remember those little roller bottles I have posted before from Aroma Tools? Well get ready to use them again! Follow this recipe and see what you think! Essential oils work and aren’t for hippies.


1/6 Ounce roller bottle

6 drops of Marjoram

6 drops Thyme

Fill the rest of the bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Apply it right over their Trachea area and bottom of their feet!

Give me feedback! You can let me know what has worked best for your family too!

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How do I use oils???

Sometimes, you often ask yourself “how do I use these oils”. I know we’ve touched on this a little. But this article is a great article right from the doTERRA website. When you get the Modern Essential book , and you go to start using oils, this will tell you the oil you need for the symptoms you are experiencing. I love it! Guys I can’t tell you enough how much I love diffusing oils around our house. Some oils may be too strong to put right on your skin. So be careful of that. You’ll want to have a carrier oil on hand, like fractionated coconut oil to help dilute it some.

I promise you, once you start using oils and introducing them into your house, your going to be just like the meme I have posted here! You’ll be addicted!

How to use essential oils

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Start with this book!!!!

This is the perfect place to start! You want to get this book. You NEED this book! It has been a lifesaver and a quick go to in our house! It has some of the best recipes for when you have a cough, cold, chest congestion, gas or bloating. You name it, it’s got it! I started with this book and have just built my oils up slowly each month. Ordering the ones I will use the most and consistantly in our house. One of my favorite oils, (i’ve got quite a few of them), is OnGuard! I love this oil in the diffuser through out our home. It has a cinnamon smell that is great!

Now they do update these books. So the version that I have is the 8th version. I have attached the link for you of where to get it. The current version is the 9th. I try to stay up to date on them just because they do add new oils that have been added and are available at doTERRA.

You guys have no idea how excited I am to share with you the benefits of essential oils. So start here….and start today!

Aroma Tools Modern Essentials Book

doTERRA oils