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Straight from doTERRA

So I was doing a little reading today and came across a really cool article. Have you ever wondered where do your oils come from ? I loved reading the article and information under “growers”. There is so much information out there for you.

People often wonder: Are my oils pure? Are they watered down? Where are they made? Are they local?

I loved this specific section:

The doTERRA Difference

While others in the essential oil industry cut corners during the planting, growing, and harvesting process, or even try to “extend” pure oils by adding less expensive ingredients, doTERRA is uncompromisingly selective. (

There are over 100 different essential oils sourced from more than 40 nations across the globe.

 “While the temptation for a company as large as doTERRA may be to buy large plots of land and mass produce oils, doTERRA places great value on the expert knowledge of local farmers—many of whom have nurtured essential oil plants for generations. doTERRA recruits their expertise into a Global Botanical Network and, in so doing, responsibly supports thousands of jobs around the world.”

doTERRA is amazing and I am so lucky to be apart of it. Go check it out for yourself!

Where doTERRA comes fromScreen Shot 2018-02-27 at 9.21.58 PM

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How do I use oils???

Sometimes, you often ask yourself “how do I use these oils”. I know we’ve touched on this a little. But this article is a great article right from the doTERRA website. When you get the Modern Essential book , and you go to start using oils, this will tell you the oil you need for the symptoms you are experiencing. I love it! Guys I can’t tell you enough how much I love diffusing oils around our house. Some oils may be too strong to put right on your skin. So be careful of that. You’ll want to have a carrier oil on hand, like fractionated coconut oil to help dilute it some.

I promise you, once you start using oils and introducing them into your house, your going to be just like the meme I have posted here! You’ll be addicted!

How to use essential oils




Do you get colds? What about your kids?! Of course they do. A cold can be anything from runny or stuffy nose, congestion, cough, sore throat or sneezing. So of course, we all get colds!

There are a few items we don’t ever run out of in our house when it is cold season. Breathe stick and Breathe drops! We use these religiously in our home in the winter.

The other thing that I make up is the “Cold Recipe”

I put it in a smaller roller bottle that I get at Aroma Tools and add the following:

5 drops of Lemon

5 drops of Thyme

1tbsp of fractionated coconut oil.

You simply apply a small amount to the throat, forehead,chest and back of the neck 2-3 times a day.

The roller bottle shown is 1/6 ounce.

Aroma Tools Roller Bottles

Get your oils today

These oils are safe to use on kids topically.

This came in handy so many times for me this winter!

The thing I love about oils is the fact of your kids not refusing them! Cough syrup they hate…they don’t want to take it. This is a super simple way to apply it, even when they are just laying there. Fighting them to take their medicine is over with oils!